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Dufferin Accounting Services

The Dufferin Accounting team, Cynthia, Helen and Rosemarie.

Meet Cynthia Flemming, Helen Wood and Rosemarie Eger, three dynamic ladies whose combined experience in the bookkeeping and personal income tax venue spans over 90 years.  All are very much involved in volunteer activities that directly benefit their community.  These strong community ties are reflected in the client services they offer to their clients:  commitment, engagement and professionalism.

Someone hold up a note that says to call the Dufferin Accounting Services phone number.
Call us any time to talk about the solutions you need to make the numbers work.

Bookkeeping and tax solutions. We have experience with payroll reports, tax returns, and audits.

A woman holds the Dufferin Accounting Services business card.
Located in Alton, serving our neighbours and the Toronto region.

All partners are trained in corporate and personal tax courses through recognized industry leaders, including The Knowledge Bureau and DR Tax in-class training sessions reflecting the annual changes to the Revenue Canada Tax System.

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Let us be your accounting experts so you can focus on the things you do best.

Contact us today. We don’t disappoint.